I love helping others help to achieve their dreams-but in this day and age-the term "model" gets thrown around so loosely it's sort of lost it's meaning. Seems anyone with an Iphone camera and a mirror is claiming the title "Model." Well-it's time for that to stop. Model Me Claudia is bringing the Super Model dream to the girl next door. Model Me will search for raw talent and that "it" factor by providing a platform to those who have what it REALLY TAKES TO BE A FASHION MODEL.... but may not have the access.

   Professional stylists, photographers and accomplished models will help guide these girls and turn that diamond in the rough-into a super model! Model Me Claudia isn't a school that isl trying to prey on girls for financial gain-on the contrary. Nor are we trying to find girls to take overly suggestive pictures for mens magazines.This movement is here to help the girls and show them the RIGHT way to get into the business, to avoid being taken advantage of and to truly propel those with true potential to the top!

   We at Model Me Claudia want to be the mentor that helps aspiring models legitimately reach their goals-all while being guided by those who have already accomplished success in the fashion industry. If you or someone you know has what it takes to become a model-then please get on board www.ModelMeClaudia.com